1 Team, 1 Mission


DAN HUNTER is more than a company:
it is a lifestyle, it is a philosophy!


Who we are

Dan Hunter’s team is dynamic and international. Its mission is to inspire you, support you and motivate you throughout your journey with its programme and beyond.

Our coaches are committed to constantly expanding their knowledge and expertise in coaching and nutritional techniques based on methods recognised worldwide by the top professional fitness leaders in the industry.


Dan Hunter

Dan has been involved in sport since his young age reaching some top rankings as a professional Triathlete. He started the DAN HUNTER company with outdoor Bootcamps and opened the DH Transformation Centre in May 2016. He developed his own training method, having found existing formulas too limiting. His leading edge holistic approach has allowed him to obtain unequalled results with clients ranging from teenagers to adults. Dan strongly believes in continued education not only for himself and his team but also for young aspiring coaches. His unrivalled reputation in his field has resulted in him being approached to teach and host various nutritional and training seminars in his Centre and in different locations. He now leads a team of 5 coaches and the business is continually expanding.



Zoe Little

Zoe previously worked as a magazine Editor for an independent UK Publishing house. Zoe left the UK in 2005 and spent 5 years in Geneva where she worked in a new bilingual school responsible for setting up and managing the school'™s library. Upon moving to Brussels in 2011, she discovered bootcamp and the rest is history! Her naturally caring personality, matched with a results oriented approach, are a great fit with the way we do business. Zoe is in charge of customer relations and general administration at DAN HUNTER.



Ben Spanhaak

Ben has always been very interested in sports. Since he was 6 he played competitive field hockey for HTC Oranje until he got injured at the age of 16. He graduated from the PT Academy in London where he obtained a REPS (Registry of Exercise Professionals) and joined DH right after that. Since then, he regularly invests in continued education attending seminars led by such leaders in the field as Charles Poliquin (Metabolytics Analysis), Christian Thibaudeau (Programme Design) and Wolfgang Unsöld (YPSI) to name a few. During his free time, Ben still enjoys playing hockey and loves sailing.



Kenny Herremans

Kenny is a graduate in physical education from the University of Leuven. He followed various seminars on Programme Design by Wolfgang Unsöld, Programme Design for Females at Ultimate Performance, Charles Poliquin's Metabolic Analytics, Christian Thibaudeau's Principles of Proper Programme Design. He also holds various certificates as a fitness instructor and is currently taking Precision Nutrition'™s certification. His experience as a coach in different fitness centres in Belgium coupled with his eagerness to obtain concrete results make Kenny a perfect fit for our team and the leading-edge services we want to deliver. In his free time, Kenny plays soccer for local teams and likes to participates in runs like the Brussels 20K or the 10 mile of Antwerp.



Jamie Blaszkiewicz

Jamie started studying Sport Science at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve but due to a sever injury to his ACL/Meniscus he had to drop out. Luckily, his love for Sport Science remained and started taking courses to further his knowledge in the fitness industry. He followed courses led by leaders in the field as John Berardi 'Precision Nutrition', Physical Coaching Academy's Personal Training Course (NSAM), Wolfgang Unsöld's Programme Design and followed an internship in the US with Jon McDowell. The knowledge he has gained throughout the years by following seminars and experiencing his very own transformation has helped him to become the amazing coach he is know. In his free time, Jamie enjoys playing soccer. But whenever he can, he will take a longer break to travel and scuba dive.



Kamil Celoch

Kamil brings to the team and our clients his in depth knowledge in athletic preparation (strength, speed and conditioning training). He is also extremely passionate about promoting wellbeing through dietary and lifestyle methods.

Prior to joining the DH team, Kamil enjoyed a diverse career spanning IT to conference interpreting and international affairs. His dream however, has been to guide and help people achieve their fitness and sporting goals and objectives. We are happy he chose to follow his dreams with DAN HUNTER.

During his free time, Kamil plays American football and researches the latest trends in cognitive enhancement, sports nutrition and longevity.



Lore Van Roy

From a young age I competed in artistic gymnastics and later began coaching young talented girls. Sports, fitness and nutrition have always been my passions which led to my decision to study Physical Education and Kinesiology at the University of Leuven. Following my graduation I expanded my knowledge by taking courses with the Physical Coaching Academy and earned my NASM Certificate as a personal trainer. Currently I am taking the Precision Nutrition lectures and Dan Hunter's course, Essentials of Healthy Nutrition. My goal is to continue to educate myself in order to help people reach their goals. In my spare time I love to travel, discover new cultures and practice different types of sports.



What they say about us

“Fit and fabulous at fifty-something thanks to Dan Hunter’s Bootcamp! Joining this bootcamp has been a life-changing experience for me (I never thought I’d say that!). Their holistic approach that combines very effective and varied training with practical nutritional advice truly delivered results. The trainers’ expertise, enthusiasm and commitment helped me to achieve more than I ever imagined I could both in terms of physical performance and my self-image. I have more energy, I’m stronger and feel empowered, in particular in terms of my weight and diet. I have never felt better in my adult life and now I actually could not imagine my life without the Bootcamp.”

Fiona B.

“Dan Hunter Bootcamp has been a huge and necessary turning point in my life. Like most people when starting a program to get in shape, I expected and hoped to see a physical transformation, however my expectations have been far exceeded; weight has steadily and consistently been melting away and in its place I am finding definition in places that have been wobbly my whole life! ¨Surprisingly to me, along side the physical change has come a mental one. Dan has shown me that having a healthy and balanced diet can be easy and very satisfying; you don’t have to walk around with a grumbling tummy all day! ¨Dan and his team have given me the tools to make a lifestyle change, their support is amazing, they make themselves available to you at all times and always have words of encouragement for the moments when you really need them. Classes are tough but enjoyable, there is something about them that makes you want to go back for more!”

Kate McG.


"I wasn't really much of an athlete. I was insecure about my physique and performance when it came to fitness and thought that being good at sports had to do with genetics. Then I met Coach Dan. His teachings made me realize the importance of a balanced diet and training discipline. I started to make healthier food choices and started to exercise 4-5 times a week on a regular basis. Each day I felt stronger, faster, more confident and more motivated to improve my physique. Coach Dan was always there to help me with any concerns or doubts. I transformed into a confident and motivated well-built swimmer who was chosen to participate in the 2014 Swimming ISST's in the Official Olympic Pool of London and is now a member of a prestigious swimming club in Overijse."

Max H.

Dan Hunter’s bootcamp should come with a health warning because it is seriously addictive!  Bootcamp is now such a part of my daily routine that I hate to miss a class. I love exercising outside each day in the beautiful Tervuren park with a great bunch of like minded, fitness orientated women. I love the variety of the classes and the different styles and energy of the trainers. In the two years I have been coming to bootcamp I have improved my strength and fitness dramatically. Personal goals have been achieved - I can now run - something I never thought I would be able to do! My body shape has changed and, not only have I lost weight but I have toned up and lost body fat and consequently feel happier and healthier as a result. The nutritional advice and diet tips are well received and I have made important and very necessary changes to my diet. I’m very grateful to Dan and his dedicated team for their constant encouragement and motivation and also proud of myself for what I have achieved. I cannot recommend this bootcamp highly enough! I don’t know what I would do without it!”

Zoe L.


“I first came to Dan Hunter after seeing the amazing results for my wife from her personal training. From the moment I started the encouragement, challenge, knowledge and dedication of the team has been fantastic. Both the tailored training regime and the significant change in my nutrition and diet has made me feel great - energised, stronger and overall healthier. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in getting more out of life to come to DAN HUNTER for their own personal transformation !”

Steve Axe

Before I joined DAN HUNTER I hated exercising. I did very little, just some aerobics/ Zumba classes which (obviously, I now see!) made very little difference to my weight. I also followed some well known diets a few times with little success as I found I was often hungry. I have now found a form of exercise I enjoy and it's actually not too time consuming either! In 3 workouts a week I can maintain my results so it's easy to fit in. Whereas 3 hours of aerobics would not give me the same results. I think a lot of women are reluctant to lift weights in case they get big but it's actually made me much smaller. I am just so happy that I now feel much fitter and I can easily keep up with my children....

I don't want to have to miss out on activities like long cycles because I don't have good fitness levels.

The coaches at DH plan interesting workouts which are always challenging, no matter what your fitness level and they are always very knowledgeable and motivational. I can highly recommend the DH Transformation Centre. It's been a brilliant plan for me and it has worked so well!

Lucy Mooney


"When my husband first said that we should get some help with personal training and nutrition, I wasn’t really convinced, however he had recognised that we were both in a rut, tired most of the time, lacking motivation generally and in my case having migraines on a regular basis.

Matthew booked a consultation with Dan, and I remember in the meeting I explained my typical day and Dan said, ‘you have to start doing things differently’.

An obvious comment, but at the time I did not think how I could fit in yet another commitment, I cared for three children and worked full-time with lots of preparation time needed for the job that I completed after the children were in bed, working late into the night. However, just fitting in two fitness sessions a week with Kamil completely changed the way I organised my life. I started changing how I did my work preparation so that I had more downtime, which significantly changed my quality of life, and those two hours of training a week, were times where I could achieve and better myself, whether it was lifting heavier weights or crossing the finishing line with Kamil’s favourite training item, the prowler.

On a few training days I didn’t feel like I wanted to do it, maybe due to tiredness or just a bad day, but I always went and I always felt better after training, energised, happier.

Every single time.

I feel much stronger physically and mentally, things inside and outside the gym became more achievable. I never thought I was the type of person who would like lifting weights, I couldn’t see the point in the past, but now I wonder why people don’t do it, you are not competing with anyone, you are setting goals and breaking PBs, there is an immense sense of achievement. I will never forget the day I deadlifted 125% of my much-reduced bodyweight, I was on cloud nine all day, an unbelievable buzz!

My deadlift PB is my proudest achievement but I also lost 16kg along the way and now have a very healthy 21% body fat.

The expertise, both with exercise and nutrition, at Dan Hunter is unbelievable, I would happily recommend any of the trainers, but I owe everything to Kamil, who trained me. He is one of the most positive, kindest people I have come across, he kept me challenged in each and every session, and it always felt as if he was lifting the weights with me each time, willing me to succeed at a heavier weight or with more repetitions. Kamil also trained my daughter, Lauren, who went into the new school year feeling enthusiastic and determined to smash her personal bests in swimming (which she has already done!). My four year old son, keeps asking when he can start training with Kamil.

Both Kamil and Dan advised me with nutrition, and I was always in awe of how Dan could identify issues, such as changes in my sleep or my insulin resistance problems (a family predisposition), through my changing measurements. I completely trusted Kamil, Dan and the other trainers, with the results clearly showing their expertise.

We are leaving Belgium, but my Dan Hunter experience will stay with me, with my newfound love of weights, my improved sleep, reduced migraines, stronger healthier body and improved strength of mind. Thank you Kamil, Dan and the team."


Jackie Parkinson

“'I am an accountant, and I rely on numbers to tell me the story:

Before I started with DH, I weighed 130.3kg, today I weigh 93.5 kg.

I’ve lost more than 62kg of fat and gained more than 25kg of lean mass

My body fat percentage has fallen by two thirds

Before DH I couldn’t do a squat, today I can squat 100kg

Before DH I couldn’t do a deadlift without falling over, today I can deadlift 130kg

Before DH I couldn’t support my bodyweight hanging off a bar, today I can do pull ups

My trousers are 4 sizes smaller than before DH, the only clothes I still fit from before DH are my socks. I had to get my wedding ring re-sized, 3 sizes smaller. On the golf course, I’m 1-2 clubs longer with my irons than before DH

These are my numbers, but they don’t even begin to tell the story. Every aspect of my life has improved along with my fitness. I have better relationships with my wife and children, I am more positive and more confident. I sleep much better. Basically, I’m happier.

It has been amazing watching Jackie transform too, and we were both so pleased that our daughters spent some time at DH over the summer. 12 year old Caitlin the girly girl smashing tyres with the hammer, 10 year old Lauren the athlete loving the multiple challenges. Both can squat their own body weights, both are eating much better and both are enjoying the benefits of stronger concentration and increased confidence.

The most surprising aspect of this experience was just how easy it was. All I ever did was do exactly what the DH team told me to do! Maxime and I had almost nothing in common – but I trusted him and the DH approach and I saw consistently steady results. I can’t speak highly enough about Kenny. His patience and easy going approach kept me going through the hard times. He made regular changes to keep it interesting for me, and in the last month really focused on the specific areas I wanted to improve as a result of what I had learned. Kenny was always able to get maximum effort from me, and he was fantastic training and inspiring Caitlin. He has a magnificent career in front of him.

The rest of the team were great too – always attentive to technique, always encourging, always pushing to the limit. Kamil is a legend in our house – Jackie’s health and fitness have transformed, Lauren broke her personal bests in her first competition of the season … our four year old son dresses up as the Hulk and wants to have muscles like Kamil. Both Jackie and I had sessions with Ben too, he was very focussed, gave great technical advice and had great music!

The DH Transformation Center is the most supportive environment I’ve ever been in. Every trainer took an interest in my progress. There was never a single mention of what I couldn’t do – the whole focus was on how much progress had been made.

I’ve learned to push myself to where I know I’m going to give up, and then a little further

I’ve learned to accept failure – even at times to embrace it

I’ve learned to focus on the process and not the outcome

I’ve learned to love lifting heavy weights, and the rush that comes with getting stronger

I’ve learned to do it for me”

Matt Parkinson


"From 20% body fat to 8.7% thanks to DanHunter

My journey with Dan Hunter started in 2016. I always was into fitness but was really just doing it for fun. When I first came to the DH Transformation Centre, that was when I really started taking my fitness seriously ft become more healthy and also for a better physique.

Due to the direct hands-on approach of the DH team, I was able to make huge progress in my first 3 months. Not only physically but also mentally my condition has improved.

The course that the DH Centre presents to you is heavy and tiring but, because the coaches are always there for you and you can bother them day and night with questions, or simply for a mental boost, it is always possible to obtain and achieve the goals set by the coaches.

Not just the coaching and nutrition advice is on point but now with the DH Nutrition, you are also able to have amazing, tasty and healthy meals.

Thank you DH team for making my life better."

Joeri Keyaert