Do It For You
– Dan Hunter

A revolution in Personal Training, Group
Training, Nutrition and Holistic Coaching
for an overall healthier lifestyle.

This is a Transformation Centre -
the first of its kind in Belgium!


Not only will we help you with any performance or
aesthetic-based goal but we will also strive
to improve other areas such as:

Better sleep

More energy

Reduced stress


Our key word: results !

No more wasted gym club memberships where enthusiasm wanes due to lack of personalised care and attention. Our supportive team of coaches is dedicated to providing clients with guaranteed concrete results and long-lasting benefits.

Whether you want to transform yourself for aesthetic or medical reasons, or you simply wish to get back to a healthier lifestyle, DAN HUNTER's certified coaches are committed to their clients'™ goals.


Brusselsesteenweg 41 - 3080 Tervuren

By appointment only. Free initial consultation.